What’s Your Fur Doing For Summer Vacation?

Have you thought about where your fur will vacation this summer?  How about first-class accommodations in a climate controlled, cold storage vault that maintains a constant 50*F temperature and 50% humidity? And, what if you didn’t have to drop your fur off or pick it up when it’s time to go home?

Sounds better than a staycation in a hot, dry closet with mothballs, yes?

Rejuvenate and Refresh

Fur cleaning and glazing plant.

State of the art fur cleaning and
glazing equipment.

Secure, climate controlled cold storage for your fur.

UL approve, AA certified, secure

While your fur is away it’s a good time to “get a little work done”  … you know what I mean?

Maybe a little spa treatment. Our unique conditioning and cleaning services for furs, leathers, shearlings, wool coats and outerwear gently removes the harsh winter
salt, dust and dirt. Finish with a glazing that will give your fur garment a lustrous “you look brand new” glow.

And we work wonders with monograms. Did your name change? Or do you have an estate fur with someone else’s initials? We can take care of that “blemish” with a monogram cover-up.

Early Bird Special – Free Shipping

We have partnered with UPS to provide pick up and delivery service for your fur.
From now until April 30, 2010 all storage delivery services are free. Nada. We send you the box, shipping label and other necessary forms, you put your fur in the box and give it right back to the driver or take it to any UPS location. Can it get any easier? Use offer code VACATION.

Book Your Fur Get Away Now

You can reserve your package online or call us toll free at 1-877-387-4111 and we can help you.

And Relax

Enjoy your summer knowing that your fur is in the hands of master furriers in a safe, UL approved, AA Certified, secure, cool environment. The same facilities that major department stores and furriers around the country have used for generations.



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