Toledo Furs Going Out of Business

Toledo Furs Going Out Of Business
Toledo Blade article about the Tauber Brothers retiring from the fur business.

Ohio Furriers Retiring after 67 Years

We are sorry to see our fellow furriers, Toledo Furs, retiring after 67 years in business. Like Wolverine Furs they were one of the few full service Master Furriers with a real, bricks-and mortar establishment. Located on Central Ave.  in Toledo they served a wide area of customers who will miss them greatly.

We’re sure it was probably a tough decision for the Tauber brothers to retire but understand at some point you want to enjoy other things in life. As Mr. Tauber said in The Blade: “Sometimes you just have to look back and say, ‘Hey, it was great, but now it’s time to move out into the sun.’ ”  We wish you all the best!

If you live in the Toledo area and need a primary master furrier we ask you to consider the Wolverine Fur Company. Located in Detroit it’s not to far for a day shopping trip in the Metro Detroit area.

We also provide pick up and delivery service for all you fur care needs. That means if you choose to store your fur in our onsite climate controlled cold storage vault, we’ll send you the shipping materials, UPS will pick up your garments at your convenience and we’ll return them.



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