There’s Still Time to Clean & Repair Your Fur

Is Your Fur Ready For Cold Weather?

Wolverine Furs designs, restyles and manufactures furs.
All fur repairs and restyles are done in-house by our Master Furriers.
Fur cleaning and glazing plant.
We have our own unique cleaning and conditioning process to keep your fur protected and glowing through the cold season.

Have you looked at your fur?  Has it been professionally cleaned and glazed? Are there any little rips or tears that need to be repaired before they get any worse? Protect your investment, keep you looking good and take advantage of our $89 Express Cleaning package. (Regular price is $110.)

We’ll Pick-Up and Deliver Your Fur FREE!

For a limited time we our offering our fur cleaning & glazing services for only $89*. This includes free pickup and return for customers anywhere in the continental U.S.

Wolverine Furs has a unique cleaning and conditioning process that gently removes the harsh winter salt, dust and dirt from furs, leathers, shearlings, wool coats and outerwear. We finish with a glazing that gives your fur garment a lustrous “it looks brand new” glow. And offers extra protection during the cold season.

Click here to arrange pick-up and cleaning for your fur.*

Safe, Secure (Free) Shipping

Our partner, UPS, handles the shipping. We send you a box, shipping label and other necessary forms. You put your fur in the box and give it right back to the driver or drop if off at any UPS location. Upon receipt of your fur(s) one of our Master Furriers will contact you for a pre-cleaning consultation and payment arrangements will be made at that time.



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