The Shoulders Have It

Shoulder definition is fur trend # 2 for the fall/winter season according to the IFTF.

Jean Paul GaultierOn Aura Tout VuAzzedine Alaia
Jean Paul Gaultier

On Aura Tout Vu

Azzedine Alaia


You can see the emphasis on both shoulder definition and the high neck from sleek fox applied to evening wear, padded leather worn over full fur, a classic cape shoulder on outerwear to a full fur capelet or a Joan of Arc style fur and leather tabard. This style was best demonstrated at Quentin Veron, which was entirely on trend and looked most directional as a collection.


Quentin Veron Fur 1Quentin Veron Fur 2Giambattista VA
Quentin Veron

Quentin Veron

Giambattista Va



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