The 7-Point Fur Assessment

Here at Wolverine Furs we put every fur, shearling, leather or other specialty outwear garment that comes into our shop through a 7-point fur condition assessment.  One of our Fur Professionals looks at each garment to:

  • Positively identify the type of fur or furs of your garment(s).
  • Examine the pelts to determine their condition and expected longevity.
  • Look for rips, tears or worn areas on the fur.
  • Examine linings for rips, loose seams, loose labels.
  • Inspect closures: hooks & eyes, buttons and loops, for repair or replacement.
  • Evaluate the overall cleanliness of the fur garment.
  • Style assessment – is this a garment that could benefit from a restyle?
Wolverine Furs Showroom
Every fur, shearling or other specialty outerwear garment we service is inspected by one of our Master Furriers.

This assessment is done for EACH garment. Regardless of whether you bring your fur(s) into our showroom – or arrange to have them picked up -just for a cleaning or storage or repair or something else, they get put through the 7-point fur assessment.

When the assessment is complete we contact you to review our findings and recommendations with you to best care and preserve your furs. And then you can decide which services that you would like us to provide. Please contact us if you have any questions!





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