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Multi-Use Fur Coat

Hmm, do I feel like wearing a coat today or a jacket or maybe I just want to throw something around my shoulders? Decisions! This one fur coat has all 3 solutions to your “mood” and the look you want.

As a coat its stylish tiered look is suitable for any occasion from casual to elegant. For the sporty active look, simply unzip the skirt and there you have it. And the skirt can be worn as a shawl – either on its own or with the jacket.

A fur coat that is Lightweight and Fitted

Made of sheared rex rabbit fur, this coat isn’t as bulky as some furs. Gives you a sleeker look without compromising on warmth. The belt adds a nice finishing touch.

Regular price is $2,200.00, on sale now for $1,760.00 with free shipping. If we are out of your size we can custom order your fur coat and have it delivered to you within 3 weeks.

Elegant, full length version of sheared rex rabbit fur coat in brown.This extremely light weight coat is also available in black.

Take off the detachable skirt and you have a lightweight, fitted jacket.

The detachable skirt becomes a unique, layered shawl.



Eastern Market After Dark at the Wolverine Fur Company Sept 21, 2023 7-10

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September 21-25. 2023