Fur consignment allows you to have your unwanted furs professionally sold!

For a nominal fee of $25.00 per stored garment we manage all the sales and marketing of your garment(s). When your fur coat sells we pay you the pre-agreed price.  We’ll send you a check or PayPal payment — whatever you prefer.

Once your garment(s) is in our climate controlled, cold storage we offer an excellent consignment service for  your unwanted furs and other specialty outerwear that includes:

  • Preparation for Consignment
    • Determination of fur type
    • Fur Condition
    • Fur Value
    • Measuring
    • Minor repairs if necessary
  • Professional Photos of your garment(s)
    • Live models
    • 4-6 photos per garment
  • Product Write-up
    • Copy material written for each garment
    • Used in online and/or print marketing materials.
  • Sales & Promotion
    • We display your fur(s) in the Wolverine Furs showroom
    • We show your garments in our online web store  and our Ebay outlet.
    • Consignment furs are regularly featured in our email newsletters. We reach more than 3,000 people just in the U.S.!

If you would like us to handle all the marketing and sales and provide the proper care and protection for you fur(s) then click here to request pick up service to have to get your furs in our consignment program.

Are we already storing furs for you that you would like to consign? Call us toll free at 877-387-4111 or fill out our contact us form so we can get started.



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