Our services: fur cleaning & cold storage, fur repairs & restyles and more are available to customers worldwide.

Cold Storage For Your Fur

Cold Fur Storage Vault
Our Fur Storage Service includes an on-site climate controlled, cold storage vault

Every spring is time to store your valuable furs, leathers, shearlings and wools.  According to the Fur Information Council of America, professional storage during summer months is most important in maximizing the longevity of your fur. We offer on site, climate controlled cold storage services.

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Fur Cleaning & Glazing

It is extremely important to condition your fur garments, using our uniquely developed processes which include: expert inspection and fur cleaning, the proper removing of stains from linings, cleaning and replacement of essential oils, lustrous glazing of your garment, followed by our critical final pre-delivery inspection. We will gladly service items you have purchased elsewhere. Bring or ship your garments for a free examination today.

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Fur Cleaning Plant
Our fur cleaning, glazing and conditioning service uses our own patented products.

Fur Repairs & Restyles

Staying on top of small fur repairs, including replacing fur or removing worn edges will keep you fur looking beautiful longer. If your fur no longer fits your current lifestyle talks to us about restyling it. Regardless of where you purchased your fur we can help you keep it in top condition.

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Contact us about our custom fit fur service.

We invite you to select the coat of your dreams,in any fur, for casual or elegant wear.

Fur restyling and repair service workroom.
Our master furriers are highly skilled in restyling, repairing and customizing furs.

When you make a purchase from us we guarantee your look and comfort. Many of our Collections are offered in sizes for the full figured women. Ask us about our made to measure “no extra charge” look and policy. We assure your complete satisfaction!

Fur Appraisals

You’ve made an investment and it’s important make sure it’s properly insured. And that you know it’s replacement value as well as it’s resale value. For a nominal fee we will carefully inspect your fur(s) and prepare a written appraisal.

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Fur Coat Relines & Monograms

Contact us about monograms or having your fur relined.



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