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Whether you have outgrown your fur, inherited one you don’t need, or fur just no longer fits your lifestyle, we can help. If fur can still be part of your wardrobe then the most value for your old fur comes from restyling it or trading it in. When you are certain you’re through with your fur we also offer to buy them outright or to sell them on consignment for you.

Wolverine Furs Showroom - Sell Your Fur Today
Sell your fur today either direct or use our highly rated consignment program

What Is Your Fur Worth?

A fur’s value is based on its original wholesale price (generally about 1/2 the price it was purchased for) not the price it was listed at or its appraised value. After the first year that value depreciates by 50% again and approximately 20% a year after that. Other factors weigh in as well like condition, type of fur, style, size, season, economy and demand.

Sell Your Fur or Consign Your Fur?

We do not guarantee to buy all furs. We must see them first to assess their overall condition and current market value. Once we have seen your fur and determined its value we will make you an offer.

If you are not prepared to accept that offer, you can opt to let us sell it for you on consignment. Your fur is put on display in our showroom and listed on our website. When it sells we pay you the pre-agreed price. We do not sell on a 50/50 or 60/40 commission. You will be paid, with a check, as soon as your item sells.

Questions About Selling Your Fur?

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions about our buy or consignment programs. If you are not local to the Metro Detroit area, or it is inconvenient for you to come to our showroom for us to do the fur assessment we can arrange a video consultation. You will need a high speed internet connection, web cam and Skype.



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