Remember May Day is Fur Day

If you keep your fur cool during the summer it will keep you warm all winter.

Circle this date on your calendar: May 1,2011. If you have not already made arrangements by then to have your fur garments professionally cleaned and stored in climate controlled vaults – then it’s time to bring them in! Or, if you live outside the Metro Detroit area,  make arrangements with us to have them picked up by UPS.

Why have your fur Professionally Cleaned?

Fur requires special Wovlerine Furs demonstrates the fur cleaning and glazing and products to be cleaned.

There is no “home” method of cleaning a fur that will not damage it.

Dry Cleaners generally are not equipped to clean furs. They may advertise that they do but quite often they contract with companies like ours to do the actual cleaning and in many cases storing of the fur as well.

Wolverine Furs uses a unique fur cleaning, conditioning and glazing process. Take a look at our video and we’ll show you how we do it: How To Clean & Glaze a Fur Coat.





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