Why Don’t More Fur Sellers Offer Online Shopping?

While nothing can compare to serving our customers in person, the staff at Wolverine Furs has four generations of experience in the fur industry giving us the skills and knowledge to bring our expertise  to our online shoppers. There are very few, if any furriers left with our background as both a manufacturer and as one of the largest cleaning , storage  and fur workrooms in the world.  Every day we exceed the expectations of customers across the globe looking for affordable furs and service.

Knitted Whiskey Mink Jacket

While other fur sellers might be stuck in the past we are adapting  this classic industry into the 21st century using our experience and the latest technologies. We constantly refine our business to the ever changing ways that people communicate, shop and do business. In fact, a better question might be “Why wouldn’t a fur seller go online?”

By using the latest web technologies we are able to keep our costs low and reach out to a broader range of customers. This ensures that we can deliver our customers the most luxurious furs at the most affordable price. We also stand behind every item we sell in both our “brick and mortar” store and our online store. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a refund or in-store credit.

We focus on what we know best. Other furriers may be intimidated by new technologies and department stores with inexperienced staff  try and pressure shoppers into buying everything under the sun. We simply offer the customer quality furs and the best fur service.



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September 21-25. 2023