NEWS: Wolverine Furs Moves to Eastern Market


Detroit, MI – More than a move, Detroit’s renewal has brought a “re-birth” to one downtown business after 43-years in the Hemmeter Building in Paradise Valley (nee: Harmonie Park) that was sold recently to Lear Corp.

“It couldn’t have been better for us and our clientele,” according to Clay Campbell, owner of the Wolverine Fur Company that will open its new location in Eastern Market on Monday, Oct. 5.

Aware of real estate and rental trends before the Hemmeter building was sold and their own need for more space, Campbell and his two partners, Paul Petcoff and Mike Van Buren, began searching for a familiar and friendly location for their customers that offered convenient parking and easy access to their services.

“Eastern Market turned out to be ideal for them and us,” Van Buren said. The move to a newly refurbished 6,500 square foot ground floor premises on Russell Street in Eastern Market allows them to expand their showroom and reflect the new business model for the fur and luxury outerwear industry.

“Our old address was the last remnant of an industry that thrived in Detroit from the days it was a fur-trading outpost. The skills and experience of one generation were passed on from one to the next. That’s how the three of us learned and we’re proud to say that we use our skills and experience, ethically, environmentally and socially to serve today’s market responsibly,” said Petcoff, whose late father was a founder of the business.

A new tag line is being introduced with this move: “Luxury Wear and Care.”

The company specializes in the care of luxury furs, leather and fine fabrics and restores, refurbishes and remodels existing fur wear for sale globally.

About The Wolverine Fur Company

Internationally renowned for meeting the fashion needs of discerning women and men around the world, Wolverine Fur was founded as Detroit Fur Storage Co. on Ferry St. in the early ’50s and moved into the Harmonie Park facility in 1972 where it grew to a full-service luxury outerwear company and leader in the global previously-owned furs market.



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