Macy’s Fur Vault at Northland has Closed

Fur Cleaning Plant
Wolverine Fur Company provides on-site fur cleaning and storage services. When you store your furs with us they stay with us!

Macy’s Fur Vault Closure

Macy’s may have closed at Northland Mall in Michigan but your furs can still be cared for and protected, locally, with the Wolverine Fur Company in Detroit, Michigan.

If you were a Macy’s Fur Vault customer and are now looking for a new furrier please consider the Wolverine Fur Company. Located in the garment district of Downtown Detroit we are one of the oldest fur companies in Michigan. Our customers trust us with their fur care needs and turn to us for unique fur fashions and specialty outerwear.

We are full service furriers. Our cleaning and storage facilities are on site. That means when you choose us to take care of your furs they stay with us until we return them to you. Often if you take your fur garments to a department store or regular dry cleaner they ship them off to a company like ours. So skip the middleman and deal direct with us!

We provide pick-up and return delivery service. You can arrange a service pick up online or call us toll free at 877.387.4111. Ask to speak to one of our Master Furriers to have all your fur care questions answered!



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