Macy’s Fur Storage Customers

Macy’s Fur Storage Customers – We’re Here For You!

macy's fur storage at the wolverine fur companyHave you used Macy’s Fur storage in the past and are now looking for a new home for your furs? Then look no further! The Wolverine Fur Company has been in business for 30 years. We operate our own on site climate controlled fur storage vault. That means when you store your furs with us, they stay with us!

Our fur storage vaults are equipped with proper air circulation and keep a constant 50˚F and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Keeping your furs in peak condition. Standard and cedar closets are not suitable for fur storage.  Using cedar or mothballs will create lasting unpleasant odors.

We provide nationwide pick up and return delivery service. When you choose us as your new fur storage home we will provide you a complimentary appraisal ($30 value) of each fur you store with us. 

Ready to get started? Fill out this service order form and indicate you are a former Macy’s customer in the notes section so we can include a free appraisal with your order. Or bring your furs in to our Eastern Market showroom located on 2937 Russell St. in Detroit, Michigan. Questions? Call 877-387-4111 toll free and ask for Clay or Paul.



Eastern Market After Dark at the Wolverine Fur Company Sept 21, 2023 7-10

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September 21-25. 2023