Is it Safe to Store My Fur in My House Over the Summer?

This coat was stored away in a cedar closet. Don't let this happen to your coat! Store it with Wolverine Furs.

Often our customers will ask us, “Do you think it’s safe for me to keep my fur in my closet this summer?” It’s understandable. Many stores offering cold storage service have high prices and fees, taking advantage of the fact that fewer and fewer locations are offering fur storage. We’re here to let you know that the only way to keep your furs safe, soft and long-lasting is to have them professionally stored in a climate controlled cold storage facility.

Storing fur coats in your home puts your coat at risk of dry rot, as well as other potential dangers such as theft and water damage.  When a fur is stored away in a closet the fur can become dry, frail and fragile.  Once lush and soft fur and leather can tear just as easily as paper when improperly stored away in a closet.  Storing away furs in colder parts of your home, like in a basement or cellar, not only exposes your furs to the same risks of dry rotting, but could expose your coats to mildew damage that leaves your fur with an unpleasant odor that is very difficult and costly to get rid of.  Home air conditioners simply cannot produce the correct temperature and humidity levels to protect your coats from climate damage and dry rot.  The only way to protect your coats is to have them professionally stored by a fur specialist.

Wolverine Furs offers inexpensive and secure cold storage in our state of the art, AA Certified, UL approved climate and humidity controlled cold storage vault that is guaranteed to protect the longevity and beauty of your furs for years to come.

Local customers can call us to reserve a space in our vault, and then drop their coats off in our store, or schedule a local pick up by calling our store or scheduling online. Customers located outside the Detroit area can fill out our special online form to schedule pick up and delivery via UPS shipping. We’ll send you a box with a shipping label in it and all you have to do is put your items in the box and send it right back to us. We’ll call you when we receive your items.

And don’t forget, that storage is just one of the ways to ensure that your coat stays beautiful and long lasting.  You also want to make sure to have your coats cleaned and glazed once every other year so that your furs maintain their original softness and luster!



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