“I Want To Sell My Fur Coat!”

We can help you sell your fur!

We buy furs!Depending on the condition of your fur we can buy your fur coat, consign your fur coat – which means you’ll get paid after your fur has sold. Or, we can do a trade.

We need to see your fur first to assess its overall condition and current market value.

A fur’s value is based on its original wholesale price (generally about 1/2 the price it was purchased for) not the price it was listed at or its appraised value. Other factors weigh in as well like condition, type of fur, style, size, season, economy and demand. After we’ve determined its value we will make you an offer.

If our offer to buy your fur is not what you’re prepared to accept then you can think about having us sell your fur on consignment.  We put your fur on display in our showroom and list it in our online fur store and on E-Bay.

When your fur coat sells we pay you the pre-agreed price. We do not sell on a 50/50 or 60/40 commission. You will be paid, with a check, as soon as your item sells.

Ready to sell your fur?

If you’re local to the Metro Detroit area bring your furs in so one of our Master Furriers can assess them. Not local? We can set up a video consultation via Skype or you can Email us pictures of your fur coat(s) to get started!

Questions? Call us toll free at 877-387-4111.



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September 21-25. 2023