Are You Ready for the winter?

Ladies natural mahogany mink jacket with matching brown fox trim on the collar and tuxedo fronts. It has straight sleeves and a monogram on the right side of the lining.

Start the winter season right with a clean, conditioned and repaired fur. Staying on top of small fur repairs, including replacing fur or removing worn edges, will keep your fur looking beautiful longer.

You can go online to schedule a pick up today. We provide nationwide pick up and return delivery service through UPS. Your furs are insured by us from the time they leave your hands until we return them!

Previously owned ladies black sheared beaver fur swing jacket with a multi-colored inlay design.  It has a a stand-up wing collar and straight sleeves.  There is a monogram on the right hand side.

Or call us toll free at 877-387-4111 to arrange a service pick up or to talk with one of our Master Furriers …. maybe you’ve been thinking about restyling your fur?? Call or skype (wolverinefurs) to find out your options!

But it’s cold. I need my fur!

We can usually get your fur back to you within 10 days. This, however, might be a good time to consider a back-up fur!

As the nation’s largest retailer of certified pre-owned furs we have a wide selection of budget friendly furs for men and women.

Visit our Ebay Store: BestFurs!In addition to our online store and our “bricks and mortar” showroom we also auction and sell furs on Ebay. You can purchase a fur today and after you receive it return your other fur for service in the same box. No need to be left out in the cold!

Not seeing what you want? Say something!Mans grey mink sections, parka with hood, elastic waist and cuffs.  The fur and lining are in excellent condition and show no signs of wear or tear.

Our stock changes daily! We don’t carry many of one style but one of many styles. Call us toll-free: 877-397-4111 and let us help you find the fur you desire.

Regardless of where you live or where you purchased your fur The Wolverine Fur Company will give you excellent fur care service!



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September 21-25. 2023