Furriers Agree May Day Is Fur Day

Furriers agree the warm season has started and it’s time to get your furs in storage. Speak to a Master Furrier today 877-387-4111 toll free.

Time to Store Your Furs Day

It’s time to have your furs and other specialty outerwear stored until the next cold season. Regardless of where you live, or where you purchased your furs, we can store them in our onsite, climate controlled, cold storage vault. Discounts are given for multiple items.

Schedule a Pick-Up TODAY!

Home pick-up and return delivery service available in USA. Your furs are insured by us from the time they leave your hands until you have them back.



Eastern Market After Dark at the Wolverine Fur Company Sept 21, 2023 7-10

Up to 70% Off


September 21-25. 2023