Fur Storage

Wow — we had an overwhelming response to our 1-day special for a free fur appraisal with a fur storage order!  We heard from customers all across the  U.S. : Atlanta, Phoenix, San Fransico, Chicago, Dallas – everywhere. Thank you  – we appreciate your business.

Submit your online service request order today for cold storage (or cleaning and repairs) today. Refer a friend and you could get a check for $25! Call us toll free if you have any questions 877.387.4111.

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Fur Storage

Cold storage is essential for your fur

Climate controlled cold storage is important to the longevity of your fur garment. Wolverine Furs’ state of the art, secure, modern, UL approved, AA Certified climate and humidity controlled vaults are ready for your fur garments. The same facilities that major department stores and furriers around the country have used for generations.

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Cold Fur Storage Vault
Our onsite climate controlled cold storage vault. When you store your furs with us they stay with us! And their insured from the moment they leave your hands until we return them back to you.

Professional Fur Storage

Storing your fur coats, jackets and fur accessories at home during the summer could be a very costly mistake. To keep your fur coat – or other fur apparel – in peak condition it needs to be stored in climate controlled, cold vaults. Not a hot, dry closet with mothballs. And home air conditioning is too humid.

Both standard and cedar closets are not suitable for fur storage unless they are equipped with proper air circulation, constant 50˚F and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Also, the smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur, leathers and wool, creating lasting unpleasant odors.

Cost to Store a Fur

We serve customers nationwide. Regardless of where you purchased your fur we can arrange to have it picked up by UPS. Your furs are insured, by us, from the time they leave your hands until they return.

Climate Controlled, Cold Storage – Only$140.00*, includes pick up and delivery service
Climate Controlled, Cold Storage and Clean, Condition & Glaze$225.00*, includes pick up and delivery service

* Discounts given for multiple garments.

Request Fur Storage Pick-Up Service

To get started you need to simply:

1.Fill out the online fur pick-up request form.
2.Make a $25 service initiation deposit (this amount is taken off your final bill).
3.Review your service request with one of our Master Furriers who will contact you after your deposit is received.
4.Put your fur(s) in the shipping box we send you and return to us.


What Happens after I make a pick up request for storage?

1.We contact you to verify information, number of furs, determine the shipping materials you’ll need and have them delivered to you.
2.After we receive your garments one of our fur professionals will do a 7-point assessment of each garment. This involves:

  • Positively identifying the type of fur or furs of your garment(s).
  • Examine the pelts to determine their condition and expected longevity.
  • Look for rips, tears or worn areas on the fur.
  • Examine linings for rips, loose seams, loose labels.
  • Inspect closures: hooks & eyes, buttons and loops, for repair or replacement.
  • Evaluate the overall cleanliness of the fur garment.
  • Style assessment – is this a garment that could benefit from a restyle?
3.When the assessment is complete we will contact you to review our findings and recommendations. At this time you can request all the services that you would like us to provide. We will then give you a total cost for our services.

Your $25 service initiation fee to have your fur(s) picked-up will be applied to your final bill.

Click here to have your fur(s) picked up for storage.



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