Fur Storage Bag – Great For Travel

Fur Storage Bag
Fur Storage Bag: light weight, breathable, easy to carry. Free shipping when you order online.

Fur storage bag is an excellent way to travel with your furs or to keep them protected at home during the fur wearing season.

Our fur storage bag  is  a 60″long, zippered garment bag made from a lightweight, water-resistant microfiber.  There are velcro fasteners to secure it when folded.  And, it has two  handles that make it easy to carry.

This bag is expandable and will accommodate two fur garments. Perfect way to carry any kind of garment from coats, to jackets, and dresses, skirts. Great way to store furs, leather and woolens while at home.

Order your fur storage bag online now and we’ll ship it to you free.



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