Fur sleeves fashion trend #4

The full fur sleeve is another very strong trend for fall 2011. Fox fur was most often used to contrast long and flat textures.


Jean Paul Gaultier Evening wear featuring fur sleeves.Quentin Veron fox fur sleeves.Fur eveningwear by Alexis Mabille

Jean Paul Gaultier

Quentin Veron

Alexis Mabille

We saw long-haired fur sleeves applied to full length evening wear silhouettes at both Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexis Mabille while at On Aura Tout Vu, fur sleeves were set on to delicate lace. A more modern take was seen at Quentin Veron through the use of asymmetric styling and contrasting fur combinations. Again, all very on trend.


Alexis MabilleOn Aura Tout VuQuentin Veron fur sleeves

Alexis Mabille

On Aura Tout Vu

Quentin Veron



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