Frequently Asked Questions About Fur

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Cleaning Fur

If it just happened you want to use paper towel or rags and blot-off as much of the moisture as possible then put it in a sealed plastic bag (a garbage bag is fine) and get it to us ASAP. We will assess the damage once we receive it.
Our restoration process is the only thing that can be done. We clean, glaze and deodorize using an ozone process. In most cases it works but it is not always effective, sometimes the hide or leather becomes too permeated with it. We do provide letters for insurance companies in case a claim is made. Many coats are insured for it but require a letter from a professional stating that they are damaged beyond repair.

You don’t! If you care about your fur, protecting your investment, and keeping it looking good for as long as possible you should always have your fur professionally cleaned by certified furriers. Click here for more info: Fur Cleaning

Storing Fur

Furs need to be stored in a constant 50 degree and 50 percent humidity environment. This can’t be done with standard home air conditioning. Wolverine Furs has state of the art, secure, modern, UL approved, AA Certified climate and humidity controlled vaults. Major department stores and furriers around the country have used us for generations.
Click here for more information about storing your furs with us.

Yes! Regardless of where you live or where you bought your fur we can clean and store it, repair your fur or restyle it and more. And we provide pick up service! Click here to request a service pick up for your furs.

Buying & Selling Fur

Yes! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Certain restrictions apply. Click here to review our return policy.

Yes. We do not guarantee to buy all furs. We must see them first to assess their overall condition and current market value. Once we have seen your fur and determined its value we will make you an offer. Click here to: contact us for more information or to arrange a video consultation if you live outside the Metro Detroit area.

Furs Seen on TV/Movies

Yes, we carry it and we can custom make one for you! Check out our online store.



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