Diamonds and Furs

Diamonds and furs are they still a girl's best friends?While reading Fur Coats and Diamond Rings, and the comments about it, the question that came to mind was: what are the current symbols of ultimate womanhood status? Are they still diamonds and furs or have they changed with women having a more prominent role in the workforce. An identity beyond the “little woman” staying home with kids and taking care of the house.

Status symbol or not it’s important to take care of your furs. If it’s warm outside then your furs (and other specialty outerwear) need to be inside in our climate controlled cold storage vault.

It doesn’t matter where you purchased your fur or where you live in the continental U.S. (and parts of Canada) we can provide pick up and return delivery service. And, your garments are fully insured by us from the time they leave your hands until they are returned.

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Eastern Market After Dark at the Wolverine Fur Company Sept 21, 2023 7-10

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September 21-25. 2023