Do I Have To Clean My Fur Coat Every Year?


The Question:
I hardly wore my fur coat last season- do I have to clean my fur coat every year?

The Answer: NO!


Although it never hurts to clean your fur coat it is not always necessary to clean it every year. If you find you are not wearing it much, every other year is what we recommend although other factors like household dust and odors may require it. Overall the cleaning and glazing process helps maintain the suppleness and longevity of your fur. The one thing you should do every year is place your fur in a professional fur vault.


The WFC has an onsite climate controlled cold storage VAULT – UL approved and AA Certified. And when you store your furs with us they stay with us. We don’t ship them to someone else. Major department stores and other furriers from around the country have trusted us for generations for our storage and high quality professional services for their customers!


We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to work with us directly. Call now 877-387-4111 to have us pick up to store your furs or go online to schedule a pick up today.


    Proper cold storage, as well as, cleaning & conditioning, during the warm months is a huge factor in maintaining the beauty, longevity and value of your furs.

Let the WFC store and protect  your furs today!