Be Our Valentine

The "Janet Jackson" knitted mink wrap.
The "Janet Jackson" knitted mink wrap. Our asking price is $1,295.00. What is your offer?

Make Us An Offer

For Valentine’s Day we want to make you a Sweetheart Offer:

Find something in our online store or showroom, tell us what you’d be willing to pay for it and if we accept your offer it’s yours!

All reasonable offers will be considered.

How To Make Your Offer

Basically, you need to let us know the SKU# of the fur coat you want and the amount you are willing to pay.

You can fill out the form that is available for each product in our online store.

You can call us toll free 877.387.4111 and tell us the SKU# andyour offer.

Or skype us at wolverinefurs.

Where Is The SKU#?

The SKU# is located in the Product Details section of each product listing. If you look at the listing for the “Janet Jackson” knitted mink wrap you’ll see the SKU# is 012097. Let us know that number, what you’re willing to pay and Valentine’s Day could be very special this year!

Come on — make us an offer we can’t refuse!





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September 21-25. 2023