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After a harsh winter, solvents, salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from your furs and leather goods. Our patented processes will help preserve your furs, extending their life span and assuring you years of enjoyment.

We do everything in house. Our cleaning facilities are located in our secure, insured, UL approved building. This means your fur is not passed off to someone else for cleaning or storage. In addition to having your furs professionally cleaned, conditioned and glazed, proper climate controlled, cold storage is also important to protecting your fur.

We serve customers nationwide – it doesn’t matter where you purchased your fur – we provide superior fur cleaning & conditioning services for furs, leathers, shearlings, wool coats, fur trimmed coats and most specialty outerwear. We can arrange to have your fur(s) picked up by our shipping partner UPS. Your furs are insured, by us, from the time they leave your hands until they return.

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